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  1. [Raspberry PI 3 B] Solved problem with HDMI output (NOOBS with RecalboxOS)

    The background:
    I recently bought Raspberry PI 3 B and was shocked how fast and intuitive were the installation and the configuration.
    I have started using Raspbian with NOOBS (the Operating System installer) from
    NOOBS lets me choose which OS to install and boot when Raspbery PI is starting.
    Then I wanted to have the KODI - LibreELEC came to play. The description how to use it with NOOBS was here ...

    Updated 26th June 2018 at 08:27 by niciki

    Raspberry PI , NOOBS , Recalbox
  2. OLED Display Library for PIC Micro-Controller

    In this blog post i will share the OLED libraries with you, which are written for mikroC compiler and can be used with any other C compiler.

    Following are the functions which are currently present.

    void OLED_Init( void );
    uint8_t OLED_Width( void );
    uint8_t OLED_Height( void );
    void OLED_Update( void );
    void OLED_SetContrast( uint8_t contrast );
    void OLED_ClearDisplay( void );
    void OLED_FillDisplay( void );
    void OLED_DrawPixel(

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  3. Work routine

    Hello readers,
    I am writing for my very first post in my very first blog. I would like to share with you some of the bad habits that I used to do at work and fortunately I have changed them into good habits.
    I would first quote something my brother heard in a finance course a while ago. "A professional investor looks how an amateur investor works and do the opposite". It is quite surprising for me because usually an amateur looks how professional react and try to do the same. ...
  4. Types of Ground in Electrical Engineering

    Electrical Ground is the reference point in circuits from which voltages are measured. Using the symbol of ground we can make our circuits looks simpler. Three types of electrical grounds are:
    1. Simple ground
    2. Digital Ground
    3. Chassis ground
    4. Earth ground

    Simple ground
    This type serves as simple reference point from which we designate all components. The left side of image below contains 12 V battery in series with a resistor. The right side displays same circuit ...
  5. Capacitive RF MEMS Switch Design and Simulation

    by , 14th October 2017 at 13:25 (Anil Pandey : Electronics Design and Simulations)
    The switching is required in many applications at low as well as at high frequency. RF MEMS switches are the specific micromechanical switches that are designed to operate at RF to mmWave frequencies. MEMS switches usages some mechanical movement to achieve a closed or open circuit in the Radio Frequency transmission lines. GaAs FET switches do not have sufficient isolations to minimize cross interference and signal jamming from channels is close proximity. MEMS switches provide high isolation ...
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