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OLED Display Library for PIC Micro-Controller

In this blog post i will share the OLED libraries with you, which are written for mikroC compiler and can be used with any other C compiler.

Following are the functions which are currently present.

void OLED_Init( void );
uint8_t OLED_Width( void );
uint8_t OLED_Height( void );
void OLED_Update( void );
void OLED_SetContrast( uint8_t contrast );
void OLED_ClearDisplay( void );
void OLED_FillDisplay( void );
void OLED_DrawPixel( uint8_t x, uint8_t y, uint8_t color);
void OLED_InvertDisplay( uint8_t value );
void OLED_SetFont( const uint8_t *font);
void OLED_InvertFont( uint8_t invert_status );
void OLED_Circle( int8_t x_center, int8_t y_center, uint8_t radius, uint8_t color);
void OLED_Line( int8_t x_start, int8_t y_start, int8_t x_end, int8_t y_end, uint8_t color);
void OLED_V_Line ( uint8_t y_start, uint8_t y_end, uint8_t x_pos, uint8_t color);
void OLED_H_Line( uint8_t x_start, uint8_t x_end, uint8_t y_pos, uint8_t color);
void OLED_Rectangle( uint8_t x1, uint8_t y1, uint8_t x2, uint8_t y2, uint8_t color);
void OLED_FillRectangle( uint8_t x1, uint8_t y1, uint8_t x2, uint8_t y2, uint8_t color);
void OLED_Triangle(uint8_t x0, uint8_t y0, uint8_t x1, uint8_t y1, uint8_t x2, uint8_t y2, uint8_t color);
void OLED_Circle( int8_t x0, int8_t y, uint8_t r, uint8_t color );
void OLED_Image( const uint8_t *image);
void OLED_Write( uint8_t x, uint8_t y, uint8_t value );
void OLED_Write_Text(uint8_t x, uint8_t y, uint8_t *text);

The following are the snaps taken from the actual hardware.






Video Demo:


Download Link

DHT11 Interfacing with PIC and updating Values on OLED
DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor is used and the sensed temperature and humidity values are updated on OLED using the libraries.

Demo Video

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