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Controlling Devices Over WiFi Using Nodemcu and Android Phone.

Nodemcu is a great WiFi chip, that can be used in several wireless applications.
In this blog post, an Application running on Android Phone will get the temperature and humidity values from the Nodemcu and it will also control the 4 Relays, which are connected to the Nodemcu, all over WiFi channel, so using this setup, you can control your appliances using Android Phone over WiFi.

Block Diagram is as follow:

View attachment 132992

The Android App Interface is as follow:

View attachment 132993
View attachment 134843

Android APK and Nodemcu Code can be downloaded by clicking here.

Note: Nodemcu code is written in Arduino IDE

You can see the working of complete post in the following video.


andre_teprom;bt2615 said:
Nice tutorial.

Anyway, I could not find the Android source code.
Is it available somewhere ?

I am sorry i am not able to update the files in the post, you can download it from the following link.

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