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A brief observation regarding spring pins in high-speed & RF circuits

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It's been 4 years since I last posted on the EDAboard. There have been so many changes in the electronics industry. Spring pins are still one of the fastest growing forms of interconnecting two PCBs. The advantages for a designer to use spring pins are numerous: 1) The ability to blind mate two modules together easily. 2) The ability to mate misaligned and/or uneven surfaces. 3) A spring pin connector only needs to touch a gold plated PCB land, thus, eliminating the need and expense of a second connector product. However, I see a roadblock up ahead for spring loaded contacts: They can't stand alone in high-speed or RF connections without additional required shielding. I have been in meetings where electrical signal-integrity engineers need to know, with consistency, the contact point of the piston within the shell, to have an accurate signal footprint. Otherwise inconsistent piston location can detune a sensitive circuit.
Very interesting stuff that I'm still learning about. I will keep this group updated. Kind Regards, Marty Houlroyd
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