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AVR related
This is a custom function to convert a number to the ASCII representation /***************************************************************************** ** Function name: ULongToStr ** ** Descriptions: converts an unsigned long to ASCII characters and stores the result to a char array...
Fast value reverting function for 8-bit char and 16-bit integer, it uses a lookup table for each nibble (4-bits). /***************************************************************************** ** Function name: reverse_byte ** ** Descriptions: reverts the bits of a byte b0->b7, b1->b6...
The atmega has a few different PWM modes, the frequency and duty ratio depend on the mode and values used, this is a description of the way to calculate them. In fast PWM top=ICR1, the output PWM frequency=timer clock/(ICR1+1) and the duty=OCR1A(B)/ICR1 In fast PWM top=0h00ff, the output...
The following macro can be used to simplify the process of using the internal AVR EEPROM #include <avr/eeprom.h> // defines for eeprom access #define read_eeprom_byte(address) eeprom_read_byte ((const uint8_t*)address) #define write_eeprom_byte(address,value) eeprom_write_byte...

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