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Universal Netlist-to-Schematics Viewer

SPICE netlists and other analog source code are getting more complex and more time-consuming to read. Certain new software tools now allow you to define and save SPICE data of a fragment for quick partial simulation, locally or remotely in an external simulator. Usually, even minor changes in...
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Decreasing sizes of semiconductor process geometries and greater number of metal layers, interconnections and components result in a large number of parasitic devices during netlist extraction. This can be problematic for simulation and verification engineers. Fortunately, SPEF (standard...
SPICE files embody the lowest level of digital and analog circuit behavior in circuit design and verification after place and route. It provides the analog behaviour of transistors and components of digital circuits and gate functions. Multi-layer circuit boards also utilize SPICE, especially if...
FGPA, ASIC or SoC designers use a variety of HDL's (hardware description languages) including Verilog, VHDL or SystemVerilog which can complicate visualization of complex designs. This is particularly the case when having to analyze designs from other engineers in your team and trying to figure...
These days, digital, DFT and mixed-signal engineers have to decipher larger and more complicated System-on-Chip (SoC) functionality, with multiple RTL components and Intellectual Property (IP) blocks obtained from a variety of sources. This can consume hours of engineering time. Comprehending...
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