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How to implement vias pads around this module?

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Oct 9, 2009
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According to Aubtm-22 Document
**broken link removed**
As with any RF devices, the AUBTM-22 requires careful attention to power supply and grounding
arrangements if its potential performance is to be realized.

Fig.4 illustrates how PCB design around the antenna of AUBTM-22 should be made. The most
important thing is that there is no copper (ground plane or traces) underneath or in the close
proximity of the antenna.

It’s also very important to have grounding vias all the way in the border between ground plane
and free space, as illustrated with black and gray dots in figures above. This prevents the RF
signal for reflecting back to the PCB and signal lines over there.

Try to avoid any metal material near the antenna and keep at least 5mm away if it is inevitable.
A solid ground should be provide for AUBTM-22 and the copper area should be at least
20x15mm to maintain the best RF performance.

1)If one sided pcb is to be used, Is vias needed ? if so, should I ground them? an how to implement it around the antenna?

2)If no plane is used under the module, is vias still a requirement?

3)copper area should be at least
20x15mm to maintain the best RF performance?? what does this mean ? where should be copper area implemented?


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The function of vias is to connect different layers.
If you have just one layer, addition of vias on layout will result no effect.

Regarding documment recomendations, the objective is to achieve the best performance possible.
Of course, you can try perform other layout configuration, however will not be guaranteed this module works properly.


Thanks for the reply.
The problem I'm facing is not the using vias pad itself, but the implementation around the RF module for antenna,
It seems that vias acts as exit point of signals, which then would stop signals from resonating, or stops feed backing signals energy to module's RF circuitry on pcb, and even if grounded it could absorb more.
I'm not sure, but this is what I under stand from documentation!:???:

hi ama,

You´re absolutelly right.
The use of multiple vias, minimizes Foucault corrent induction effect over tracks neighbors to RF source.

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