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FYI: OrCAD library sharing group

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Jun 19, 2005
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orcad library


I have started to use OrCAD (my lab has a site license), and found that capture libraries are missing many useful parts. I'm drawing them myself, and I've set up a yahoo group to share the libraries. You're invited to join!

Now we have a lot of capture (.olb) and layout libraries (.llb). In particular, there are many libraries for PIC and AVR microcontrollers.

P.S. Added on March 2008

By now, the group have been running for two years, and dozens of libraries have accumulated in the files section:
- PIC, dsPIC
- Atmel AVR
- Philips/NXP ARM
- Xilinx CPLD and FPGA
- Other libraries for Zilog, Linear Technology, Maxim, ST, Microchip and other manufacturers’ chips.

orcad library download

The Digikey library for Orcad hasn't been offered or updated since 2001. It is doubtfull that anything as recent as an AT processor will be found in the library. Cadence only offered the free library as a starter with Orcad version 9.2, as far as I know. After that, they stopped listing it on their web site.
orcad lib

The same DigiKey Libraries file (the only one) is available for free download at: **broken link removed**

The server goes offline from time-to-time, so try it later if you can't get in now.

orcad layout library

House_Cat said:
The same DigiKey Libraries file (the only one) is available for free download at: **broken link removed**

The server goes offline from time-to-time, so try it later if you can't get in now.

That DigiKey OrCAD Library file is also mirrored in the OrCADexchange group metioned in the first message of this thread.

I wonder why it's called "DigiKey"? Did DigiKey make that library?

orcad footprint library

kender said:
I wonder why it's called "DigiKey"? Did DigiKey make that library?

It was a joint project between DigiKey and Cadence when Orcad 9.2 came out.

orcad library olb

Hi All,

Does anyone have link for Allegro library also.

Thanks & Regards,

orcad layout libraries

Anonymous_Ricky said:
Does anyone have link for Allegro library also.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you can use OrCAD libraries in Allegro.

BTW, I've started a similar group called AllegroExchange: **broken link removed** Everyone's invited.

orcad libraries download

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you can use OrCAD libraries in Allegro.

More like the other way around. Orcad PCB Designer, can use Allegro libraries, however, Orcad Layout cannot. You can migrate from Orcad Layout to Orcad PCB Designer and hence you can convert some of the footprints to Allegro, (the footprints used in your design would be converted and not Orcad Layout library).

I found that Orcad PCB Designer didn't have an extensive footprint library as Orcad Layout and you would have to purchase a third party library if you didn't want to make your own, (example Pcb Libraries).

Someone on the board did write a footprint generator to build your own libraries though, (search the board for Allegro).

orcad capture library download

I have also good libraries for OrCAD Capture&Layout from ESP Starter Library.

orcad library free download

Thanks! everyone! i got an amazing reaults; just got what i needed to find!

Added after 3 minutes:

there are some libraries which i want to share with all of you people

**broken link removed**

digikey orcad library




free orcad libraries

This my OrCAD Layout footprint Library for Capasitor, Capture schematics symbol library for Russian elements and Zilog parts.

free orcad library

Is there any foorprint for mini_USB to draw layout.

Plz share with me, thank you , so so much:D

footprint library orcad

I started reading this thread but after seeing the complete frenzied postings I am inclined to stop this thread.

Its already a mess and becoming even more so very quickly.

If you are going to collect libraries then really you need to apply some order to it.

IF you ask Gulson VERY nicely he might be prepared to setup a CAD LIBRARY category in these forums and add the various most popular tools.

That would be a nice addition.

But such a category would need some rules, like a list of contents & description as a bare minimum, then a zip file with the lib components, so anyone wanting to download a lib can do so knowing the contents are what they actually want, otherwise everyone will download everything to see whats inside and may find they have nothing that they need.

It will save a lot of downloads and bandwidth for sure.


orcad 16 library

CAD/CAE Schematic Symbols and Footprints by Accelerated Designs Ultra Librarian

Microchip and Accelerated Designs Inc. have collaborated together to provide Microchip customers with schematic symbols and PCB footprints for Microchip products

**broken link removed**

library footprint orcad

I downloaded and installed Accelerated Designs Ultra Librarian.
However, I have bad luck using this tool.
It never works.
Neither the file downloaded from michrochip's site or Accelerated Designs' site works.

Anyone ever successfully use it?

orcad layout library download


Does anyone can help me with some libraries for TNY280P( and 15TQ060( ???



i know its an old dead topic, but:

some people mentioned the digikey libraries above. old libraries and CIS database files. that cis database cannot be used without the referenced footprints. 60000 components are referencing to footprint names not found in the default orcad/allegro footprint library.

does anyone have the appropriate digikey footprint library?

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