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Anyone who can talk about HDL Lint tools?

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Sep 15, 2002
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hdl lint

There are many HDL Lint tools in the market,such as LEDA(Synosys),nLint(Novas),Spyglass(Atrenta),Glint(Everest) etc.Anyone who can talk about the Lint tools used is past or using now?

verilog lint tool

I used nLint. it's good and simple to use. Basically, it help you to dectect syntax error of your code. But the most dangerous error in you code is logical errors, not syntax errors. So be carefull, don't depend to much on the tool. Any tools as far as I know are the same, it's not a critical tool of the chip design flow. Some expert designer even don't use the tool

I use Novas nLint,too!
It can detect syntax,DFT,synthesis error based on your design rules !

What are the difference(s) between Synopsys' lint tool ?

What are the difference(s) between the following lint tools (Synopsys):
1) LEDA: programmable coding & design guideline checker (Verilog/VHDL)
2) Nova-VeriLint: Verilog design purifier
3) Nova-ExploreRTL: Verilog/VHDL RTL check analyzer

Of course, Nova-VeriLint is specific for Verilog.
But, what any other difference in their feature ?

Thanks in advance.

ps: Nova-**** seems to be Avant!'s tool.

Maybe the final synthesis tools are the best lint tools...(synplify..Design Compiler...).

Lint tool vs. Synthesis tool

final synthesis tools are the best lint tools ?
> Of course NOT !
Each tool, no matter the Verilog simulator or the logic synthesizer,
has its own syntax checker. But it (the syntax checker) only checks
for its specific purpose.

On the contrary, these lint tools usually support a variety of rules.
For example,
1. Simulation,
2. Synthesis,
3. RMM (reuse m* m*),
4. DFT,
5. Design style,
6. Naming convention, ..., and user-defined rules, etc..

You can use them to get a more realiable coding.

marsgod said:
Maybe the final synthesis tools are the best lint tools...(synplify..Design Compiler...).

Using the synthesis tool as the lint tool is only to check design rule for synthesis.
It cannot detect your coding good enough for reuse/DFT or not.

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