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Wire Insulation & Noise Immunity

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Aug 10, 2009
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I am wondering the noise immunity effects of different cable insulation but cant seem to find any info online.

The audiophile community talks about the wonders of silver wire in a PTFE (Teflon) Jacket but I have a feeling that 95% of their findings are from the silver wire itself.

So what noise immunity characteristics do jackets bring to the table such as a silicone jacket? and where do you buy just the jacket anyways?


PTFE is a very good insulator it also has a huge working temperature range, exceeding all other plastics. I don't know why but if you use PTFE insulation the copper wire is always silver plated. Due to its expense and difficulty in use, this combination is only used in extreme circumstances, UNLESS you want to show off.
I have come across nonscreened twisted pair multicore that has a carbon loaded outer sheath. This is mitigate the effects of dirt from the atmosphere, changing the charecteristics of the cable as it was for external use for cable TV.

The "audiophile community" is full of snake oil salesmen and charlatans. Don't believe most of what you read. You do not need $100 cables for your stereo. $5 ones work just as well.

Usually I would agree with you on that one. I work with a guy who makes his own cabled with crushed lead glass as wire spacing material because he thinks it "Widens the sound stage" lol his garage is full of busted CRT TV tubes.

I have measured the signal difference between aluminum, copper and silver and silver gives the cleanest signal passage but I have nothing to create external noise to test insulation myself. I did think of a cold cathode transformer under the wire but I don't have a working one.

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