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Who wants a forum about RF-MEMS ?

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Jan 15, 2003
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RF-MEMs forum

I would like to know how many people support to set up a forum focusing on RF MEMS, which is very different with normal RF design. It includes many things such as RF, mechnical, thermal, and chemical process. pls reply and tell me how to set up.


I don't think it is a good ieda.
Eletroda has too many board now!

I agree with the idea of a MEMS forum, but I think it'd be better be for all MEMS applications and not only RF MEMS

it is unnecessary, i think.

MEMs forum is good enough. Actually, RF MEMs is just a subset of MEMs. The RF or Microwave knowledge are not the critical part compared to the processing and other mechanical related stuff.

RF is a small topic, we need not too shortsight.

It will become mess if each small topic has a forum, then Antenna, passive, RFIC and MMIC also become a new topic. I wonldn't agree to setup a research level topic in a EDA forum. It would be more practical as I want.

Re: RF-MEMs forum

I suppose that such items may be discussed at this forum: fabless designing of MEMS, production facilities, software and sources of information. I have some articles, patent descriptions and reports about inertial MEMS sensors.
Here is the link to XE2004 Programmable Low-Power Capacitive Sensor Conditioning IC with
Resolves down to 0.25e-18 F/sqrt(Hz) - **broken link removed**

Re: RF-MEMs forum

My dear all friends.....RF MEMS is not at all a small u said........if we go into details of it ......we will find some nice subjects r involved into it........microwave, material science, mechanical, electrical, electronics (Theory and Measurement) and DSP( if we want). so i think we can make a nice forum ..............if i m wrong then plz forget it..bye

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