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what software should I use for PCB design?

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Apr 17, 2003
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PCB software

in your own opinion, what software should I use for PCB design.
What industry uses?

It it popular to use Cadence PSD 14.2 ( Allergo ) for PCB Layout , but also somebody use Mentor or PowerPCB


I have use PCB Software many years, so this is my opinion : for Smal and easy design U can use PowerPCB, Orcad, Protel. for Complex and hishspeed design U should use Cadence PSD14.xx or Mentor WG, and use Spectraquest or IXC to simulation. HP company use BoardStaion of Mentor, but it very complex to learn and use so U can use WG, it also power full for PCB design in Highspeed design field.

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Re: PCB software

zimerstov said:
in your own opinion, what software should I use for PCB design.
What industry uses?

I use Mentor WG2002, is very powerful, but also very expensive and
with continuous changes of terms and conditions.
An alternative can be Zuken Cadstar or Cadence Allegro.

for simple pcb you can use eagle-cad (it is free for 1/2 eurocard format pcb).
For industrial use i think that orcad is the standard
PCAD is a good alternative as for cost and operation.
Thought for simple designs and complexes.

Good Look!!
Has anyone here heard of DipTrace? I know someone that used DipTrace for a while and he thought it was good.
but i cant understand has not an easy interface like circuit wizard,multisim(eg--just drag the component) is complex

Eagle has lots of library components and it is easier to add them also

I recently installed Kicad (free). Schematic and PCB editor work very well. Easy to learn does up to 16 layers.
A little bit of work to collect libraries for components but now I have over 15,000 footprints at my disposal.
Good help files and component / symbol editors work good as well.
Would highly recommend if on a tight budget.


I use Diptrace. It is easy to work with. And easily understandable.

Being right smack in the middle of the industry and using the software myself, Eagle is used by a few of our customers to make their boards.

I work in a facility that assembles circuit boards for major companies like the military, Boeing, Raytheon, Caterpillar and a few hundred others.

i have been used Altium Designer for many years. I think its great. It is smart, having many functions. Moreover, u can simulate circuits. Vote for Altium Designer.

Ive been doing embedded design and pcb layout for 20 years. Im new to these forums, but I had to post this because I am so excited about it.

I just changed our company over to Proteus. I had it two days and I am blown away. I have a product already layed out and viewed with 3D rendering.

This company is doing something right! Software was very affordable and incredibly powerful.

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