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What should/need I to know when I start a PCB design?

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Jan 6, 2006
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Penang, Malaysia
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hello everyone,

I just start work as a PCB designer for month, and my supervisor always busy with his design, didn't tell me anything about PCB, so I hope i can get some help from you guys here. My question are:
What I should/need to know when I start a pcb design.
Any book that i can refer to? I am from Malaysia.

Thanks in advance,

p-cad tutorial

depends on the software u are using..different tools offer different the board for info..anyway, here's a link of a good pcb index..tons of stuffs from tutorials, guides, tips, design rules, free soft..etc..

pcad tutorial

For start the simplest, but not the best is PCAD tool.
There is many tutorials about PCAD and you quickly
understand it.
Find in Internet PCAD, there is a lot places when you can download it,

Before you will get first PCB you must clear next terms : pad, padstack, layer, via, cell, hole, mounting hole, plated and non plated hole, gerber,
trace , net.
Tutorial for PCAD :
Guides on PCAD :
**broken link removed**
**broken link removed**

Trial version of PCAD :

specctra autorouter torrent


Hmm.. I see.. I think it might be a little bit difficult for me, because I only study E&E, don't have any pcb knowledge. Base on license problem, currently my company was choosing protel dxp it doesn't cost a lot compare with other.

From the links you guys given, it's said that base material pcb is made of also affects it's design. My design normally using FR4, where can I get some references for it? Like how does it affect the design.
Currently I am just like a puppet, i just do what my supervisor said, dunno which it's correct or wrong, that's why I am here for some help from all of you, I want to design on my will/knowledge. Your kindness i would be grateful.
I had been seearch thru the web recently, but I dont know what should I look for. I really really hope that someone can get someone give me a proper advice for me.

Thanks in advance,

pcb design help

Hi Zen.

Where are you based?.
Protel is not a good tool to use as a newbie to PCB design. It full of useless junk that will confuse you. as for the cost it costs the same as Pcad.
I am in the UK and will help if I can and if I have a bit of free time to answer your Questions.


tutorial p-cad

Also have a look at h**p://w* as they aslo have PCB design courses available.

How complex a design does your boss want you to do?
Are you talking about small interface type circuits or large multi layer motherboards etc?

torrents smps design book

Hi Phil,

I have to use protel, because not me the one who choose what to use. I will overcome the protel problem. ^^ Do you mind to tell some of the it[junk] that you know? So i wouldn't get confused by it.
Currently I don't have work to do yet, so don't have any question yet, just one, is there any must do steps to confirm my PCB design are correct?[higher efficiency]

Hi cyberrat,

I had browse thru the website you gave me, I think I can get lot of thing to learn from there, thanks.
About my design, it depend, the most complicated I did was a 14.5" x 18" 4 layer display board. Normally are 10" by 10" , 4 layers.
Well, thanks again for the website you posted. I will go thru the whole concepts of PCB design as soon as possible.

Best regards,

torrent netlist comparison in schematic file

Hi Zen,

Here's IPC generic standard on PCB layout. It contains most of the term and guidelines u need to know about pcb. Also you need to know you vendor capabilities, depending on your vendors those standards might vary a lil bit. I have a file on basic PCB's a presentation for a pcb course when i first joined PCB, but it's too big to upload here. If u have yahoo id i can send u one. I'm based in malaysia too and i used to use cadence allegro, currently i'm using mentor graphics.


p cad tutorial

hi..i use protel for work got me going when i went to the site (link i provided earlier)..anyway, i did also go through the online guide..helps a lot..dude, get urself a copy of a good design rule reference, set it up in protel..after autoroute, do a DRC..oh, don't forget to turn error markers in the layout manager..i think its default turned off..i guess thats the general idea of making a PCB file..but if ur into signal simulation, that would be another thing wouldn't it..anyway, one step at a type eh?

pcb designers uk

To start out doing 4 layer boards is a bit ambitious, maybe single side then double sided before doing 4 layers is more suited to learning.

Good luck with it anyway.

pcb design malaysia

Hi akhamar,

I think i can't dl the file you post, because I only got 0.5 points.
Yahoo ID? You mean yahoo messengger? If so, my ID nick is zen_xtr. I will online at monday.

Hi mayu,
I did browse thru the web you provide me, it did help me, currently I looking for more and more. Anyway, thanks..

Hi cyberrat,
About 4 layers boards I design, the mid-layer/plane, it is a negative plane, it did help help me a lot..:p
ok, I will try more harder to improve myself..

Thanks everyone for the helpful info,

specctra autoroute torrent

i think you lokk at this webpages

you find good documents

ipc pcb torrent

I got work to do recently.. :p
not free for a while.. I will check it when I got time.. after my new year..^^
Anywayz..Thanks guys~~


p cad pcb 2006 guide

Hi ,

You can do the 4 layer , will not be any prb since u r EE and just type pcb design in google and u will get lots of ino..all the best.

pcad tutoral

Hi Zen ...

I'm also base in m'sia.
I do pcb design ... so if u need any help, u may want to PM me.
Or why dont u ask u'r boss to send u for training on SI or pcb design ... that'll be good for u.

pcad pcb software torrent download

4-layer PCB is not difficult,you can do it.

download pcad 2004

4 basic level of design
1.Create Schematic
a.Create parts
b.Get Circuit design
c.create Schematic
d.Genrate netlst file

2.Import created netlist file to your layout file
3.draw the board outline
4.Place the components manually.
5.route according to signal integrity.
6.genrate the Batch file.

p-cad 2001 torrent

once you now how to make a pcb i suggest reading this book:

( "High-Speed Digital Design: A Handbook of Black Magic" )

Its a must for every pcb designer.

knowledge pcb

Hi All

I'm a newbie too in PCB design. Where can I get standard trace width for the track with temperature rise data?

My boss is keep asking me if we want to calculate with any temperature value what formula will we use?


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