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What is the concept of clock reconvergency pessimism removal?

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Jun 2, 2007
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Can anyone explain me wt is the concept of clock reconvergency pessimism removal??
Explain it in detail... Plz

crpr clock

common clock path in a design leads to CRPR. if this occurs this adds to the skew in the design hence it needs to be removed. CRPR is a feature which can remove any common clock paths occuring in a design. this feature can be used during CTS stage.

clock convergence pessimism removal

arey mujtaba kaisa hai

hey CRPR is Clock Re-convergence Pessimism removal, its computing delay adjustments on the clk network ,as the name says its the removal of pessimism for the clock path .

when you set the timing analysis for BC- WC mode , the same clock path is subjected to both fast op-cond and the slow op-cond,which introduces pessimism .

A setup check at a flip-flop in a circuit ensures that the latest arriving signal at the data pin arrives before the earliest arriving signal on the clock pin. Similarly, a hold check ensures that the earliest arriving data signal arrives after the latest arriving clock signal. The earliest or latest arriving signal on the data pin of a flip-flop is usually triggered by another flip-flop.

If both the clock and the data signals share a portion of the clock network , then for common clock network , a pessimism ( maximum delay - minimum delay ) will be introduced , we need to remove the same ,also if clk source insertion delays are defined they do count.

crpr pessimis

So wt does it mean....
So it means that two paths have same sqew?
what is same

two paths have same delay ?/ does it mean that?

crpr in static timing analysis

If we design an analog circuit with clock network.

how can we do the CRPR check?

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