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what is rated voltage?

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Sep 27, 2005
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rated voltage

My circuit works for range 11.4V to 13.6V
This is rated voltage for this circuit.

But as per test cases it is stated as, test at 85% of rated voltage and 110% of rated voltage.
what is rated voltage here, and at what min and max voltage i should test.


what is rated voltage

You forgot to attach your schematic so we do not know what you are talking about.

Hi Guru,
Thanks for the reply,

There is nothing problem with the circuit, Ckt works fine for the designed intended voltage input range.

but as per UL standards, i have to test the ckt at 85% of rated voltage.
So what is min voltage i have to consider when i have a range for input voltage.


Maybe the rated voltage is the electricity mains voltage?
Or if it is battery powered then the rated voltage is the battery's voltage?

You are apparently referring to the usual voltage tolerance scheme for mains voltages. I doubt, if it's intended or applicable for battery powered instruments.

If you need or want to use it anyway, there are two possible answers:
- Define a nominal "rated" voltage, e.g. 12 V
- Apply the tolerances to your already variable supply range, resulting in 9.7 and 15.0 V

The decision possibly depends on the purpose of the test, which wasn't said.

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