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Viewing large size PCB films in CorelDraw

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Sep 1, 2009
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Hi all,

i've designed a PCB in PADS. the size is 200mm * 200mm.
i've to make films. i create all .LPR files through PADS. but when i try to open them in CORAL DRAW, the film gets divided in parts and coral opens it in two pages instead of giving entire schematic on one single page. it is confirmed that it is not problem of CoralDraw. may be due to large PCB size, the files generated by PADS are not proper. how do i fix this problem? what settings should i change?

large size pcb

Isn't CoralDraw a graphics drawing program?

It may well be a problem of Coraldraw, because its not a Gerber viewer.

Try a proper free Gerber viewer like GC-Prevue etc instead.

large pcb sample file

DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the power of the Corel Package :). Yes it is a graphical tool that converts perfectly from raster 2 vector and reversed. Plus doing have some schematical symbols. Looooooooong time ago there was some geeks that did a PCB scheleton (templates) for Corel as well.

Large size PCB films

Without considering the question if it's menaingful to use Corel for this stuff, there's surely no option in single gerber files to contain multiple pages. Also 200x200 isn't actually a large PCB. But it's most likely wider than the default page width you selected before importing the gerber graphics. Simply select a larger page size, e.g. A3.

Large size PCB films

What ^^ said.

choose a larger default workspace/area/boundary or whatever its called.

Are you trying to print it on A4 film by chance?
As A4 paper is only a little over 200mm then your border settings may well cause it to print over 2 pages.

Look at changing your border settings, do some print previews until you see it on one sheet.

Re: Large size PCB films

Or turn to A3 and let the other tool ajust sizes. Whatever it will be CAM350, Corel or another tool.

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