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Vehicle motion detector

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Sep 22, 2010
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I need to sense the vehicle motion which enters the parking lot and switch on the lights, can anyone suggest which method is correct also send me some application circuit for the same. i am planning to use IR sensor for the same.

thanks in advance

Standard PIR motion detector light switches work perfectly for cars.

is it will detect cars. i dont think so because we tried to move some object near the PIR it is not recognizing. it will sense the change in the temperature.

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it is company project, it should be pakka

PIR will detect anything that moves with 300degrees angle.. they are very sensitive in detecting the movement..any slight movement will cause change in the output of pir....

It detects any movement not only cars.... depends on what kind of PIR you are using fresnel lens based or what???? their sensitivity has to be tuned properly, with the pot provided.....

S we are using Fresnel lens. how we can adjust to change to sense objects

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we are using PIR sensor from longback, we tested so many times to sense for object it wont detects object movement. it works on the principle of pyroelectric infrared emitted by human body. PIR wont detect any object movement

PIR doesn't detect object movements, if the have exactly enviromental temperature. But cars aren't cold. The PIR either detects the warm engine bonnet or the hot tailpipe. If you have an electro car, use a radar sensor.

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