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Universal JTAG Adapter

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Aug 30, 2009
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jtag adapter

Hi my friends ....

What is Universal JTAG Adapter ?
And what is Universal JTAG Interface ?
(both of them are from Altium)
Please explain ....
Which of this two board is FREE ?
And I need to Schematic and PCB of them.

altium jtag adapter

These are JTAG cables that connect to a parallel port. They are similar to the parallel port adaptors available from Altera, Lattice or Xilinx, except they have a soft JTAG as well as a hard JTAG. That means they use 4 pins for normal hardware JTAG programming, but the other 4 pins are used for "in-circuit debugging" of embedded processors, or firmware based instruments.

The circuit is included as the refeence designs installled with Altium.


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jtag adapter cable

Hi konradb
I have more question ......
I was found Universal JTAG Interface Project (Schematic and PCB) in Reference Designs installled with Altium.
there isnt Universal JTAG Adapter. where is it ?

importatnt question :
can we use "Universal JTAG Interface" with Xilinx ISE Foundation and Altera Quartus to program Xilinx and Altera Devices whitout using Altium Designer ?
Indeed does "Universal JTAG Interface" support ISE and Quartus ?

jtag mosi

There is a switch on the JTAG Adaptor supplied by Altium that switches compatibility between Xilinx and Altera. The adaptor can be used with Altium with full debug capabilities or with the Xilinx or Altera programmers.
The circuit diagrams & functionality of all these parallel port programers are similar.

The Adaptor and Interface references both mean this cable.

If you search the web, Altera circuits for their cable are also available.

The main differences are 1) the cables use different data pins for the JTAG signals and 2) the 10-way (2x5 2.5mm pitch) headers have different pinouts.

Note that Altera configuration devices are not JTAG compatible and you need an Altera cable to program these devices.


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