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Timing Diagram tool for windows

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Jun 14, 2001
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timing diagram font

Anybody knows a very good timing waveform drawing tool?
I know Timing crafter,synapticad,timing tool(online) but they r not effective.My requirement is draw a timing diagram and embed it in a word
document.Pls help me in this regard.
thanks in advance..

- satya

timingdesigner license + 9

I used TimingDesigner to draw timing waveform, and I think it is a good tool.

timing diagram tool

Can u please mention the URL to download the TimingDesigner software..
thanks in advance..

- satya

You can also try SynaptiCAD Product Suites which include:

TestBencher Pro, VeriLogger, DataSheet Pro, WaveFormer Pro, Timing Diagrammer Pro, WaveFormer Lite, and the GigaWave Viewer.
It can be downloaded from

I used ANDYTIME, it is very well!

You can use MS Excel,
Dear friend, you should indicate really what kind of timing diagrams you are going to draw. generally timing designer is a very powerful tool. Very Very powerful. Of course you should learn it well and it consumes a little time. but when you learned it, it is really great, flexible and easy to use.
if you are going to draw just some simple pulses ( this is what usually used for logic design ) then MS Excel is a good choice.

if you're trying to draw not so complex diagrams, Word has all you need.

There are macros for MS Excel in the attachement. You can use them by copying the 2 files to \Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\XLStart\

I like TimeGen the best. The developement teams at Xfusion have done there homework.

TimingDesigner is too complicated. Using Excel and Word!!! really? i dont think i'd go this path for my specs. I need to be able to change quickly and transfer to others.

any how, a powerful system is almost always complicated. it is natural.

Even powerful systems are broken down to just simply waveforms. It doesn't have to be complicated, and in fact, shouldn't be. You should always try to just keep it simple if you are a good designer.

TimeGen has been updated to version 1.1, with these new features:

* Font style, font size, font color selections for text box, signals, and names
* New flood fill styles for colors
* Dynamicly resize the waveform with new icons
* Add/subtract delays to signals
* Tip of the day box

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Stop uploading demo versions downlaoded from the above link!!!

I just use xcircuit to draw EPS waveforms
and then embeded them into pdflatex files.
It's all free and good.
search xcircuit in google.

roli said:

There is nothing in this link !!! pls give an other,

SynaptiCAD has several different timing diagram editors available at
1) Timing Diagrammer Pro - is the least expensive and lets you draw and analyze timing diagrams. It supports full min/max timing analysis. It also lets you copy and paste vector diagrams or bitmaps into Word and other programs.
2) WaveFormer Pro - adds an interactive simulator that lets you describe waveforms using Boolean equations. This saves a lot of time when you are entering your diagram. WaveFormer can also generate VHDL, Verilog, and Pattern Generator stimulus models.
3) DataSheet Pro - is a version aimed at professional documentation people and has OLE image imbedding with Word and multiple timing diagram displays.

You can download a trial version from the web site and request a two week license. Please send me an email if you have any questions.

New version of AndyTiming, it's free and try it!
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