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Printer interface with Microcontroller PIC or Atmel

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Dec 4, 2011
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Please let me know that how to interface printer with microcontroller PIC or Atmel.

Can anyone interested to tell me?

Hello Imran... did you found any solution...?
I want to interface pic microcontroller with small thermal printer that works on serial ESC/POS commands... Any guidance?
Thank you dear adhi89,

I do not find any solution for printer interfacing with microcontroller.

Please let me know about your project.

well I have bought a small thermal printer... chinese made...
interfacing it with arduino uno board with adafruit library... but the issue is that the functions in their library are hidden and is not giving me in-depth info that how they are controlling the commands on the serial level.... I am able to send strings and characters through it but cannot print any image.... thats why need more RAW control to try sending the bitmaps...

Great work you were done,

Please let me know that can you share with me information about your project.Actually I need only wants to print characters and strings.

If I will know about printing image i will share you.

Dear Imran,

check this out.... I have been following this for the software libraries
I didnt buy this printer, ordered a similar one from china... i guess if this specific printer is used,it may print the image too.

All the best.
Let me know if you need any further help in it.
Adil Zuberi
Dear Adil Zuberi,

Thats great, please let me know that how to buy you from china if I want to buy this printer ,where I find?

Thank you.

Well, i have bought 2 printers (48cm paper width) with control boards, i need to print images and i am unable to do it.
the exact model i have is
also its control board... u just need tx,rx,rts and 5V power supply to connect.
If it can work in your application strings and texts only, i can give one to you. as the shipment will cost much if you want to buy just one from CHINA.
Text me on 03215099195.

Adil Zuberi

- - - Updated - - -

sorry, my model is this one

please note 0333-8876726

I want to buy please let me know about price of printer with board.

Another thing let me know that how to buy online,if i want to buy a microcontroller development board from online shop

then how to buy.
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