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New guy here need some advice from the experts

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Aug 30, 2009
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usb pic programmer ica01

I finally decided to join the PIC world. I am completely overwhelmed for the amount of options books and languages. Can please have some advice in what path to follow? Book? Website tutorial?
I purchased an USB programmer, but I still need to learn the programming language. TXS
Mplab is ok?

What's you programmer exactly?
Welcome i m a newby too

hi it is a: iCA01 USB Microchip PIC Programmer Set (ICSP & Adapter)

i am not familiar with it sorry

anyway i found this it may come in handy

**broken link removed**

Hello everyone!
I suggest that you should start your pic life with pic16f877. Get the book "Interfacing Pic Microcontrollers by Martin Bates". Go through the beginning 4 or 5 chapters and u'll feel yourself Master. Download the free version of MPLAB its the assembler environment both for assembly as well as C. MPLAB has a simulator too. You can also use MikroC its just superb there you have got built in functions from for lcd to usb applications. But for beginners its better that they use MPLAB first get familiar with pic programmming both in assembly as well as C and then if u feel comfortable with the PIC programming then switch over to MikroC. Iven't used PICBasic so cant give u any suggestions regarding it.
MPLAB simulator is not that user friendly so use MPLAB as assembler and for simulation instead use PIC simulator IDE that can be downloaded from I've got some basic sample programs that i made for PIC16f877 if u need it i'll send them to you
Happy using PIC & Good Luck!

hi, txs a lot for the advice, yes please send me the programs you always learn from user's experiences.

Use explorer 16 board, you have an extension of libraries to program (including RTOS) and daughter boards of your interest to plug (USB, WiFi, Graphics Pictail Board).

MPLAB IDE is ok for this scale of integration, because you program in C using and compile using GNU tool like gcc.

can oshon pic simulator can be used for dspic33f series

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