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Need advice for USB host IC

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Mar 4, 2022
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Hi Everyone
I want to read and write some data using USB port from some devices in my device which consist of PIC16F877A/PIC18F452 Microcontoller. My Device will work as a Host. For this purpose I have to use a USB Chip which works as a HOST.
I was searching around and found 2 IC's. One is CH559 and other one is Microchip 24FJ64GB002.

My question is can I use either of these mentioned above IC's or there is something I am missing?
Also is there any other Cheap IC which I can use?
I want to use ready made solution of USB Host means I don't want to write driver code for USB Host.
Just connect one of these IC's and write code for other things.

What you guys suggest me

Thanks and best regards


You will need to write code in either case.
For an IC solution read through "FTDI Vinculum".

Don´t know if this fits your needs. Never used it.

USBUART trivial to do on this chip. Plus its an ARM core with the below SOC
features, all in one chip.


Other resources onchip, multiples in many cases :


IDE (PSOC Creator) and Compiler free, good board to start with $ 15 :

Regards, Dana.

@KlausST I checked the FTDI Vinculum website. they have different kind of firmware's.

I never use USB communication before.
My purpose of using this is to get data from Solar Inverter in my Microcontroller using USB communication.

Hi Guys.
I am working on the required scenario. I have shared an image which shows the current scenario and required scenario.
As my understanding its a UART to USB bridge. If I use FTDI VNC Chip, do I need to write the code for this function or some readymade code is available which I download in the chip and working onward?
If I required to write the code for this then what is the best place to study about USB coding or from where I start it?

looking for your kind responses.

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