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Need Help!!! PCB Problem - solder isn't sticking

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Sep 3, 2009
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Need Help!!! PCB Problem

Hi, this is Rachit.

I have designed a PCB, Printed the PCB on a Copper Clad with the help of toner transfer method, I also dipped it in Ferric Chloride to etch the PCB, I cleaned the PCB with Acetone and it was ready to be soldered as per as my knowledge. But the solder wasn't sticking properly on the PCB.

My friend told me that the PCB should be coated with a layer of Tin. It can be done with Liquid Tin. But unfortunately, Liquid tin is not available here.

Can anyone suggest me a substitute for Tin.

Please tell me the steps briefly.
I have etched a PCB for the first time.

Thanks and regards


Need Help!!! PCB Problem

clean the board with a PCB scrubbing block.
Or fine wire wool may do.

That may make it easier to solder to.

Re: Need Help!!! PCB Problem

Any other tip?



Need Help!!! PCB Problem

put it in the dishwasher then post it round the world, cook it in a microwave and then bury it for 3 weeks.

Wont make it solder as well as the other tip though :D

Do you want to be able to use chemicals to tin it?

Search for "Seno tin powder".
Available check first on freight charges.

Be warned that this stuff is toxic.

Re: Need Help!!! PCB Problem

obviously....i can handle toxic waste.....m not a muff..


after etching the PCB clean it with water then dry it up then rub the copper surface with dry and new (if possible) scotch-brite. then clean with acetone. now you are ready for soldering. but you have only 2 to 3 hrs left for soldering to complete after that copper will oxidase again.
In india liquid tin? local market don't know what is it. from where are you?
in my place i had recently discovered liquid tin in local market but still not used.

thanks. for any information feel free to contact.

Hi funs,

Maybe you becoms/can buy liquid gin, but tin?:)...
You can take desoldering litze and slowly push(or pull) it on the full PCB-surface with enough liquidized tin on it_ after them is good to clean it from flux...

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