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library for button and ds1307

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Mohammad Ghorbani

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Jul 5, 2015
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hi there . i have to use button and ds1307 in my pcb project but i can't find those library(for altium) .

please help me.

Can't find it? Then what's the problem? Google the datasheet and create/design a new component in Altium. Just make sure you follow the datasheet dimensions. It should not take to long to do that, maybe a bit longer than in DipTrace;-)(which I consider the champion in this field), but definitely faster than waiting for the forum answer.
yeah . you right but problem is that i don't know how to design a component . i thought that it is difficult but maybe i wrong.

If you cant design a component footprint then don't design PCBs, this is one of the core skills required, an understanding of the basics... and you cant get more basic than the main PCB building block a FOOTPRINT!
If you are serious about PCB designing please don't look for anybody for a footprint which is not available in standard library of any software. Knowledge to create your own Footprint is one of the basic thing that is to be practised by a PCB designer.
If you are too lazy to do that some companies are there to offer you footprints for various cad tools , but you need to pay for it . I got the company name "symbolbox-design house" from somewhere for this purpose.
And if you are again ready to spent some money IPC footprint generating software are available ( LP wizard was one example) . they too offer various cad tool footprints .
so if you are not willing to spent some bucks invest time to learn the footprint creation in your cad tool.
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