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How to calculate the propagation delay and power dissipation in an inverter?

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May 25, 2007
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can any one clearly explain sizing of inverter, with different results

how to calculate the propagation delay and power dissipation in an inverter.

about inverter

dou you mean power rating versus real output power of an inverter relating to load and battery AHr

Re: about inverter

Dear dude,

simualte the inverter design and check out the result

From there u can get the propagation delay,

means the time diffrence between the input and output. provided the inverter should have minimum size .

For power analysis therotical not possible,

Re: about inverter

thanx for ur reply..

well i mean how abt to go over this question in an interviewwww

Re: about inverter

1)If you are sizing inverter for equal rise/fall delay then the ration of p-mos/n-mos
depend on µ.
2) The size of complete inverter depends on load which is driven by inverter .In other
words it depends on path effort and stage effort.
3)Prorogation delay is dependent on following factors -Load/slew rate of the inverter and sizing.

4) Power dissipated is dependent on sizing of the inverter..

I hope that would help..

Re: about inverter

To get equal rise time and fall time, size the nmos and pmos inverters in the opposite ratio of their mobilities. (W/L)n/(W/L)p = (mobility)p / (mobility)n

Re: about inverter

keep p-mos size twice as n-mos

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