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how do we diffrentiate FPGA and CPLD

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CPLD includes Large combinational parts and a few latches or flip-flops. In other word, if sequential part of your design is small, you'd better use CPLD.
But in FPGA, you will have lots of flipfliops and if number of flip-flops in your design is large, you'd better to use FPGA instead of CPLD.


CPLD's route resource are all global resource , can garentee the delay , but have the resouce is limited

FPGA has two kinds of route resource, local and global.

CPLD - in most cases - has internal flash memory to burn it with your bin file while on the other hand for FPGAs - in most cases - you must have external memory...

CPLD vs. FPGA is very interesting!

FPGA has a big number of equivalent NAND gates ( which mesure de PLD complexity ) and much more routability

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