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help on modem implementation

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Feb 9, 2006
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I am doing my project of implementing modem using pi/4 dqpsk modulation scheme using dsp processor TMS320C6711.
I am writing matlab code for it but I have no idea about dsp processors neihter its architecture.I want to know can this be done without having to write a assembly code for it.If yes how?
please brief me on how its done.

Yes, you can write your program using C language. Nowadays compiler of CodeComposer has very high optimization capability.
But before implementation you should carefully read many documentation from TI (spra and spru sheets) on structure of this processor and on proper C languge program writing (this style will lead to high optimization). There is two reason:
1) you should clearly understand pipeline structure of the core and how to use it by means of compiler directives from C language in order to obtain highly optimized code
2) DSP processor has large amount of periherals you should initialize in your framework. You should learn how to use CSL (chip support library) for it.


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Thanks for ur suggestion but i heard that the mentioned processor has some capability where I can directly map matlab program into the processor,without having to write in c or anyother language.
please if U can help me on that it would make my work simple as I have almost done with my matlab program.

sameerbabu.Please tell me the software which does that

How u r doing Synchronization.
both carrier and symbol?

Using garden error function.....

Can u elaborate.Whats garden error function

Added after 36 minutes:

How u did it in Matlab(synchronization). I can help u if u tell me ur experimental setup. We are also doing similiar projects.

Matlab 7 have a direct link to CCS. you can directly convert your matlab scripts (mfile?) to proper (for CCS) C codes. I haven't worked it but there are many helps and some Demo in matlab.

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