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Give me some tips for Highspeed interface IP beginner Layout eng'r

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Dec 6, 2022
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Hi, I'm a beginner for HI ip layout eng'r. I have no idea how to improve my self as good layout eng'r.
so, I wanna recieve some advice. is there any good way to improve?
please give some advice. like.. studying circuit, or reference some this site, or this youtube channel.

To be honest, I’ve never read a book about layout. I’ve pretty much just learned by doing it. There is lots of stuff on the internet, and, naturally, some of it is junk, but there are basic rules you can learn. Have you done ANY layout? If not, starting off with a high speed design is maybe not the best way to go. You don’t say how fast. Again, I would just suggest searching the net.

There are a couple of books on layout, but they are quite old.
The basic principles are still the same (shielding, symmetry, common centroid, matching, decoupling, low resistance, void hot spots for current density, etc.), but technologies and layout styles, design rules, restrictions in latest technologies (sub-6nm) are so different from older technologies.

1. A. Hastings, The art of analog layout.

2. D. Clein, CMOS IC Layout.

One thing you can do, for self-education, is to learn about electrical implications of the polygons you are drawing in the layout - where capacitances, resistances, RC delays are coming from, what's causing a systematic mismatch, the role of floating metal fill, port placement, counting squares, what sheet resistance is, etc.

There are courses on layout, e.g.:


Books and notes by, Henry Ott, Ralph Morrison, Eric Bogatin, Howard Johnson....
Micron site for DDR stuff.
Chip manufacturers sites for application notes.
BGA breakout Charles Pfiel

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