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Existing Trace connect to GND

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use the interactive routing command. Or select the track then drag the end to the pad.
Picture 2 is a short circuit between 2 different nets.

Hi loosemoose,

First picture, it not allow to drag the trace to the pad due to every pad outline got solder mask protected.

Second picture after force to set the net of the trace to GND, then it become like that, my worries is how to confirm it already connected to GND?


point 1 you lost me i am not sure what you trying to do.
point 2 the little antenna symbol is a warning and lets you know that this is a short circuit between the 2 nets.
you can verify the connection when you generate gerbers.

do you want the track to pick up the net "gnd" ?
to do that:
1. use the edit > select > connected copper menu
2. click on the track
3. go to pcb inspector panel, and selct net conenction from drop down menu: "gnd", press enter
4. stretch or route the track onto the pad

Thanks buenos,

I will try that after I'm back.

Appreciate your advise.

Hi buenos,
I lost the way after "2.-click on the track".
I can't find where do you mean "3. go to pcb inspector panel"


do you know ahat panels are in altium PCB editor? PCB-panel, PCB Instector -panel, Messages -panel...
these "panels" are the stuff with info and buttons on them on the left or right of your screen. One of them is called "PCB Inspector" panel.
Basic Altium user knowledge.
If this one is not visible, then you have to turn it on at the lower right corner with a button [PCB], it opens a list and click PCB inspector.

Thanks buenos,

I found that tool and problem resolved.

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