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Digitally controlled power supply with STM32F3 / G4?

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Mar 16, 2017
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I started to be interested in PS controlled processors with HRTIM from STM, more precisely STM32F3 or STM32G4 with HRTIM.

I can understand the concept of a feedback loop (see pic), but I no longer understand the whole resource management software concept.
- The SW must somehow implement the source start function (soft start)
- The SW must somehow implement protections such as undervoltage / overvoltage, overcurrent.
Clear signal connected to comparators in MCU, but still ...
- The SW must somehow implement other protections with a lower priority such as overheating

I wonder if it is appropriate to use RTOS,, in short, I would like to see some example.
ST sells quite expensive eval boards of digitally controlled resources, but did not disclose the most important to them, namely the source codes of the firmware.
Do you know of a book, raft example, etc., where would I know how to do it?

DC PS.jpg

This is a single chip approach controlling LDO regulators, or could be used
to control HBRIDGE in a generalized DC/DC. If you stick with H Bridge there
are onchip PWMs with configurable dead band to handle driving bridge.
Note you would have to use gate drivers to handle the high C associated
with gate C in the Hbridge MOSFETs.

This is single chip, except for power components like HBRIDGE drivers and
the MOSFETS. Although multiple channel could be just used 1 channel. The
controller can be configed as incremental or PID. The PWM is up to 10 bits
if using the Trim component shown or 16 bits if you use the other chip resources.

Board to do this the $ 15 board would suffice. Again the power components
offchip. The rest onchip.


Other resources onchip are -


IDE (PSOC Creator) and compiler free.

Regards, Dana.
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