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Cy7C68013A Firmware for continous data acquisition

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Oct 29, 2009
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Hi all,

I am designing a usb interface for fpga and host communication. There would we continuous data flow from fpga to host as and when commanded by the the user on the host side via a graphical interface.
Am using Cypress Cy7C68013 controller and slave fifo mode.
Could any one help me with the firmware that goes into the chip's controller.

Thanks for any reply....

Hi, did you come forward with your project? I am supposed to establish a similar connection between a Host PC and a Virtex5 board.

Regards, Valentin

Why dont you try creating a Tech support case in the Cypress website?

I think Cypress Cy7C68013 itself has a builtin USB port so I am not sure what you are trying to achieve with FPGA.

Are you making some device in FPGA with a USB interface and will then interface that with CY68013, where CY68013 will act as host. If that is the case then I don't think CY68013 is powerful enough to support a USB host stack. Also it doesn't has an USB host controller.


You are making some device in FPGA that you'll interface with I/O ports of CY68013. FPGA will send data continuously to CY68013's USB endpoints which will be controlled by the PC host.

for the later case I think there are samples available on Cypress (not using FPGA).

Hi, thanks for the reply.

i am supposed to implement an algorithm in an Virtex5 FPGA and them somehow interface a PC host. The data comming from the FPGA should be transferred somehow to the PC and i saw that the ML507(the board to be used) has a built-in CY7C67300 controller. Because of the fact that i am a newbie to USB i am currently looking for information and especially a driver for the PC. i will check the Cypress site as you proposed. Thanks again :)


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