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Checking wire hardness circuit!!!

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Mar 11, 2012
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Hi everybody:)
I'm doing a project with PIC to check connection of wire hardness.
A wire hardness have two housing, once housing have a 32 pins, connection parallel from one pin of 1st housing to one pin of 2nd housing.
I'm building a circuit using 4 shift register IC ( 74HC595) to output and using 4 74HC165 IC to input as a schematic included below this post.
About an idea to programing, I think I shift one bit to output, and check on input pin, if data right, i'll change to next step.
Because this circuit is using in noise zone, sothat I need a recommend to check a design again.
Please show me if it not correct.
Thanks you.

View attachment Wire_Hardness_Checking.pdf

Thanks for your repply.
About this design, I will check 26 lines of wire hardness on 26 pin of housing.

Connector 1 Connector 2
Pin 1 ----------------------------- Pin1'
Pin 2 ----------------------------- Pin2'
Pin 3 ----------------------------- Pin3'
Pin 4 ----------------------------- Pin4'
Pin 5 ----------------------------- Pin5'
Pin 26 ----------------------------- Pin26'

The first, 2 connector is empty, so that user must put the wire between 2 connector.
On the circuit will blink a led to indicate the position to put the wire in the connector.
If this step is OK, the circuit will change to next step.
Otherwise, if NG, will have a alert sound from the buzz until user put the wire on pin of connector is OK.
In this circuit, I'll shift bit to 74HC595 IC and read data from 74HC165 IC for checking, if output and input data is equal, the circuit'll change to next step until finish.
Such as, the first data output is 0xfffffffe, the 2nd is 0xfffffffd .... and the input must is equal the input.
After put 26 lines finsih, the circuit'll rechecking from 1st line to 26 line again.
IF have an errors, it'll display on GLCD.
Thanks you

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