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[Beginner]Speed limit for stepper motors?

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Aug 16, 2005
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stepper motor speed limit


I am a beginner and I never have delt with stepper motors.

As I was browsing through the catalog, I noticed that none of the motors' descriptions had maximum RPM limits like regular DC motors.

Does that mean a stepper motor can rotate as fast as I send pulses (steps)? If there is a limit, how do I find out?

To my understanding, a stepper motor's torque decrease significantly as speed goes up. So, if I use stepper motors at low speed, is it possible to run a wheel directly? (I understand that this depends on specific model of the stepper motor, but I want to have a general idea. For example, no DC motor that I know of can run a large wheel directly. They need gear reduction.)


PS. How does this forum's point system work?

stepper motor speed limit

i think you should use a stepper contrller chip.
the attached pdf will help u much in steppers.


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speed limit stepper motor

please provide more information that for which purpose you want to use the stepper motor.all the stepper motors have different types of rating and you can use it with in its limit. you are right that it also depends upon its input

Added after 10 minutes:

**broken link removed**
it will help you


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Ok, so the motor is

Vexta(R) Stepping motor (hacked from a broken machine, so no manufacturer's manual)

On the lable, it says
2-phase (don't know what that means)
0.9 degrees
DC 1.2A
3.3 ohms

It has 6 wires sticking out, so I am thinking it is 4 electomagnets configuration.

Ithe motor is about 1.5 in^3. So it is a good size motor for robotics. I want to drive large wheels (around 5") with this.

I think gear reduction is necessary, but is there a way to do that without gear reduction?

I have no info on max speed, and I was wondering how to figure that out.

will, since it's Vexta i can help u.
here is ur manuals.
don't forget to push helped me button.
all the time fella.:D


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if you still need data , just tell me.

Ah, since I don't have points, I guess i will wait till it is mirrored.

Am....i am still new to the forum, but tell me what is that "down" under my screenname? Is that how much I downloaded? I hardly think I downloaded anything....(again, I never had points)

that is your promotion indicator upon your posts.

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