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Any tips for increasing print density?

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Jul 18, 2008
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print density

Using Eagle, I've run a few tests with my HP LaserJet 4000 printer using transparency film, and I'm not very impressed - the black areas are still translucent.

I've tried using a different print driver (LaserJet 4L) that allows the density to be increased. Didn't seem to make any difference, so perhaps the printer can't cope.

Any tips for creating a darker print? Perhaps a different media, or using an inkjet printer?

print density paper


Was thinking about getting an HP printer as some samples I had seen looked good compared to my Brother printer - are you using an original hp cartridge ?

Assume you are using it in a UV process - if so you could print two copies and overlay them to give better density, but it can be a pain to get and hold them in register.

As an alternative to trans film try cheap tracing paper - a thicker grade better, the UV doesn't see much of the opaqueness of the tracing paper.
LaserStar, a slightly opaque film is also very good.

hp 4000n print density

There is spray used to increase contrast. Please take a look at **broken link removed**
I believe the brand is different in any country. I´ve tested it and it works fine.

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Also google for:
Casey’s Black

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and Ultra-Black™ Fixative

what is print density

I've done a few tests and I discovered that the laser-toner darkeners (for which you can use White Spirit) increase the apparent contrast from the toner size, but do not in fact increase the density - indeed, how could they.

Many years ago I was able to transfer the toner of a laser printing on paper directly to a PCB by pressing it using a heated iron. The toner density was very good and enough to do that. Nowadays the toner quality is so far from it that I can´t. That´s why now I´m using a spray to generate a good negative, put ir over a light sensitive UV film and iluminate it using a 500W bulb lamp. The negative quality is well enough to do that but it still seems to be translucent to the eye.
I also found that the original cartriges allways give the best result. Again, this seems to be a toner quality problem.

The prints will be highly affected if any other toner is used other than the one specified by the printer manufacturer. Using original cartridges will normally yield better quality prints.
In other ways,exposing the printed matter to "Benzyne" vapours will increase the toner desnity. Put benzine in a tray and hold the matter close to the liquid surface for 1 or 2 minutes. Be careful not to touch the proted matter to benzine. Everything will be washed. Good luck

How long does your printer been serviced. Servicing will improve the quality of the print. I had seen it in my experience. There is a glass which reflects the beam in the printer. If it is dusted off, you will get more depth.


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