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Altium schematic, auto remove cross junction, option to delete segments and others

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Jul 10, 2007
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Dear friends,

Absolute amazing concept in Altium at all (I use 2011 version) but still remains few minor problems which are quite idiot implemented, please advice if any possibility to change (I already search net):

1. It happens to need absolute CROSS junction over wires. Altium keeps remove ANY detected junction and the only option seems to be Add Manual Junction. This is completely idiot, we have (try to move a old OrCad) large backplane project with many FPGA, DSP, etc...this is very boring

2. We need to DELETE existing wires segments. This appears not to be possible in Altium ??? It's quite nasty to delete ALL WIRE just for one segment !!!

3. COPY while DRAG (or duplicate) is implemented when keep pressing SHIFT key but all programs I've seen (including graphics, cad) use CTRL for this. Can this be changed ?!

Thanks very much for suggestions,

1. Altium by default tries to enforce the convention that crossing wires are not connected, only "T" junctions, and that you have to manually place a junction if you want to force a connection of 2 crossing wires. If you want crossing wires to create a junction, you can go into schematic preferences (DXP -> Preferences -> Schematic -> General) and check the box for "Convert Cross-Junctions". Then when placing a wire, you can click on a crossing wire; it will create a 3-way junction, then click on the junction and continue the wire and all 4 segments will be connected. This is similar behavior to Orcad, but it will look a bit different because Altium will create 2 3-way junctions instead of 2 crossing wires with a dot on top.

2. The "Break Wire" tool (Edit -> Break Wire, or "EW") will break a wire; you can do a single break then edit one or both resulting wires, or break in 2 places and delete the segment in the middle.

3. Altium is highly customizable, while in the schematic editor, Right-Click on "Edit", then select "Customize" and you can edit the key mappings. I think you should be able to do what you want, but I haven't tried it.
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