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Alium Designer libraries question

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Jun 14, 2006
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routing alium

Which library do you use for your passives .... resistors caps etc.?

They are a few different libraries I don't know which to use.


Look in the folder Altium Designer>>Library>>PCB. There are folders for Surface Mount, Thru Hole, IPC-SM-782, and IPC-7350 Series. Inside the folders are libraries for various types of resistors and capacitors, as well as chip resistors and chip capacitors. You have hundreds of footprints from which to choose.


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Another question, since Altium Designer already has an IPC footprint wizard, is it worth it to invest in PCB libraries' footprint software?


Why invest in PCB libraries' footprint software Altum can do all this you do not need to use the footprint wizard you can cancel that and then make your own.

Here is the way I do it,
I start a new project, then start drawing my schematic and if the part is not there what i need I goto to design make shcematic librariy then once it is created you can goto to tools then new component then add it to my schematic has for the PCB foot print side of things I just choose any that looks simular (., once my schematic is completed I transfefer it to the PCB (I.e same Number of pins) but most of the time the foot print are there may be not the same shape of the one you want but this is not a problem. once you have got your schematic transfered over to PCB you do the same again goto design in pcb editor then make footprint library and all the foot print are there then you just alter the ones you need then update PCB then you have your own custom made foot prints for the next project.

here is a sample way say you wanted a 6 way terminal block you you only have a 6 way header in schematic and PCB, fine just use the 6 way header in schematic and foot print then carry out the above for pcb library then in there just alter it, Alls you do it alter move the pads to 5mm pitch and then make them bigger and move the overlay out line to siut your size of your terminal block

if you want I could do a mini movie on how to do it ?
Altium Designer ROCkS! and the BEST
hope it hleps



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