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A problem about transistor simulation using nanosim .

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Jul 1, 2005
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Hello ,all

I met with a problem when i try to do transistor level simulation using nanosim ,it puzzled me for several days . I hope someone may help me out .

I write a very simple 4-bit full adder in verilog , and I synthesis with Synopsys DC adn get a verilog netlist .
I simulate verilog code using Synopsys vcs , and get a VCD file . I translate the VCD file into vector stimulus using vcd2vec command . and , i want to use this vector file as the stimulus for the spice netlist .

I translate verilog-netlist into spice netlist using nettran in Hercules .

Then I start nanosim , input the spice netlist and vector file , then the problem come out .

First : When I click on the Hierarchy Explorer in nanosim , I only can see the top , I cant see any structure .

Second : when i simulate , it tells me that , the vector file doesn't connect to any node of the netlist .

but , I'm sure that the signal names in the vector file are identical with that in the spice netlist .

Then how can I bind the two ?

Third : the waveform only display the input signals in the vector files and all the output signals are dangling , adn set to 0V.

can anyone give me some hints?

thx very much in advance ! bow ~

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