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XR2206 function generator circuit connecting with Instruementation amplifier

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Jun 20, 2011
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hello to everyone...!

I have made function generator circuit using XR2206 and it works perfectly with varying frequencies of 20Hz-20KHz.. But the the problem is that when i connect this function generator output to the input of AD620 (pin 3) having Rg=100 then there is no output at the pin 6 of AD620 :sad: whereas when i connected the same fucntion generator output to my low pass butterworth filter (Fc = 25 Hz) then its working as well as showing excellent frequency response.. I am just stuck here ... what's the problem with AD620...? ( my AD620 circuit is working fine when input is given by lab Function generators)

Thank u...


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Consider different offset voltages. Without knowing the XR2206 and AD620 supply voltages, the problem can't be analyzed however. Also, what's the -IN voltage?

I use the XR2206 in my waveform generator.

The sine and triangle waves ride a DC component. At no time do they go below zero.

I use it mostly for audio purposes, and the DC offset is usually filtered out.

I need to install an inline capacitor when I want to eliminate DC offset.

Thank u for replying...

Actually I am giving supply voltages separately to both circuits , I mean that i am giving +-6v to AD620 circuit and from another supply 9V and Ground to the XR2206 circuit , and I had also tried, that by giving the single supply to both circuits i.e giving same +6V of AD620 to the XR2206 supply pin and same ground of AD620 to XR2206 ground pin but no use, no output .. :sad:

I'm not familiar with the AD620.
But you say it detects the output from lab function generators.

I imagine they produce true AC. That is, the waveform crosses zero volts.

The 2206 is an oddball that way. Its sine and triangle waves sweep between 2V and 4V.

Therefore I suppose the waveform must cross zero V, in order for the AD620 to detect it as AC.

It will be easy to achieve this by putting a large value capacitor inline with the signal coming from the 2206.

There's also a way to do level-shifting using an op amp. But the capacitor method is quick and easy.

oka thanks for the help
i will try this & then will inform u ppl , that is it working or not...:-|
thank u..

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