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Why is this 1uF, 1kV capacitor £365?

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page 10 gives the full part numbering of this part the M at the end is for MIL-PRF-49467 Group A screening, that comes at price. I worked for a company that made MIL screened power supplies and some capacitors were quite expensive >£100. I didn't have much to do with the power supplies, but I don't think there were any that expensive. Component shortages and demand I suppose.

Interesting, i used to work for a co called "xxxxxxx_Audit"....they made duplicates of military kit...just to check whichever consultancy werent £365, i detect some "boot filling"?

They must be the interference filters used in this:

Personally, I use a standard IEC plug and PVC cable but maybe my expectations are lower.

The Mil "Group" testing is likely high-touch, high labor
and attended by a lot of per-lot quality documentation.
That adds a portion of the premium.

Another portion is "nuisance premium" where the vendor
doesn't really care if you go away or not, the Mil business
may not be well loved (esp. if vendor has a lot of experience
with that customer base, and has outgrown it) and internally
considered a distraction that they aren't allowed to quit.
Back when I worked for a company with a lot of difficult
Mil products, we'd keep jacking up the price on the ones
that were production pain until the customers went away
on their own volition (telling them "no" would just get
you a phone call and threatening letter from their "Dad",
(spelled DoD) but too high a price, well, that's just business).

Unfortunately for you there's not much call for small-C, kV
automotive grade capacitors.
Another 'nother portion: desperation pricing. See this on the
Farnell US web site:

Available for back order
More stock available to supplier lead times which is approximately 11/21/22
Delivery in 2-4 business days
(UK Stock)


Odd that USA pricing ($) is lower than UK (L) numerically when
GBP is worth more than USD and fulfilment is purported through
UK (but component is made in Mexico). Given that shipping
per unit ought to be trivial, says the price is entirely arbitrary
(I will say predatory).

I see that 500V MLCCs are a pretty skinny segment
with only one, in-stock, 1uF 500V component at
the end of search (and $169.95 a pop). The 500V
capability means a different production recipe
(and likely more failure-threats at that working
voltage, more production lot-level reliability
yield problems, etc. (see prior comments about
production pain).

Now a Murata 0.47uF, 450V cap is only $2.97;
maybe you should eat the PCB space and place
two. There is evidently some "non-logic-based"
(or "special" logic) element dominating price.
Such as a build to print job that gives no BOM
exceptions, or an actual MIL spec flowdown.

How many people buy a 1uV/1kV capacitor? Hardly anybody.
In Calgary, Canada there is an 82 years old bottle of Scotch whisky for sale at $140,000 CAN and they sold another bottle last week. A third bottle was sold in USA to a guy in a bar who shared it with his friends. Now the last one is for sale and it might be sold in a bidding war at a price higher than asking.

Not open for further replies.

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