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which spice simulator is better?

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Dec 26, 2005
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best spice simulator

which spice simulator is better? winspice or orcad pspice A/D?

HSPICE from synopsys is best one

but the Hspice does not have schematic entry, do you think I could find some third party schematic tool for hspice (windows based)?

The best free spice is LTspice from Linear Technology. It is fast, free and not limited by circuit size. Visit to download a copy. There is a very nice Yahoo Group for LTspice -- lots of good advice.

It works under Windows and will work under wine for Linux.

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It depends on what kind of circuit are you designing. Use the right tool for the right job !


Is a dificult question menawhile here he goes some sugestions:
For small/medium blocks that require high precision the best one in my opinion is eldo from mentor followed by Spectre from cadence and the for hspice from Synopsys.
If you want simulate large designers (toplevel circuits) that not require so much accuracy but speed the best one is hsim then nanosim boths from synopsys.


For analog IC designer, both hspice and spectre are very good.

yeah,it depends on your exact design .
for small analog blocks , hspice,linux version or windows version ,is popularly used.
for toplevel or mixed-signal circuits, i recommend nanosim for your simulation.

Please note that hspice and nanosim is not same generation. hspice is traditional one, but nanosim is fast spice, which is more expensive.

Is there a site which compares different spice simulation engines on real circuits regarding speed, accuracy and convergence?

for me, winspice is the best coz its offered free :-D

Orcad pspice is better and has been tested throughly by various design units

an article said orcad 10 could support bsim 3.2. but up to what level it could support? by default, the model (like cmos) is level 1, and it could also handle level 3. even though orcad is not for ic design, but sometimes i still want to use it to simulate circuits with as accurate model as possible, give me somw clue, thanks.

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