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Which PIC compiler IAR or hitech?

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Aug 8, 2001
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iar 2.21 work with mplab 8

Which PIC compiler is better IAR or hitech?


hi tech compiler keygen

pool_77 said:
Which PIC compiler is better IAR or hitech?


I definitely prefer IAR, well proven and stable function and they support a number of hardware platforms.


iar pic compiler with it

HITECH PIC C COMPILER is best for space efficient code generation and overall performance.

IAR PIC C 2.21A generate more code than HITECH PIC C 8.76PL4 compiler. For printf requirment IAR consumes 3k expensive memory where as HITECH PIC C compiler generate 2k code. additionaly HITECH PIC C compiler gives you options to select printf model such as only integer, float, long double etc.

Haveing extensively used IAR and HITECH, my choice is HITECH.

I did the same research and evaluation about six months ago and decided on the HITECH PIC C compiler. I can't remember the exact benefits and pitfalls but I do remember that there is no clear and obvious better choice. You can't go wrong with either IAR or HITECH.

hi-tech pic-c hasn't got makeup as much as other c compilers. It is only ansi-c compliler and it is diffucult to find tutorial for hi-tech. But if you know c and u got programing mind hi-tech is the best. And i belive that it is a confidential compiler.


IAR is the most powerfull compiler for some processor, their have the knw row for fast and compact code generation. The major vantages in may opinion is the fact the compiler is C ANSI native.

which controlers are the best for iar. i haven't got inough experiance with iar. but i tried ccs and pbp and ican say that hi-tec is the best for these 3 compilers. If you think that iar is beter than hi-tec for pic series, i will try it.

Hello Hakan, in my opinion, the iar c compiler is the best C ANSI compiler had the development enviroment, compilation process and debuger...I utilize the some current version(evaluation version) for the following processor´s:
Microchip, 14,16 and 18

I have used hitech-c. This compiler is very stable to make code.
IAR compiler will not make efficient codes as far as know.

If your project is critical point I will recommend hitech.


I think if you try the wiz-c compiler it is much power ful with some good hand on


Mplab6.1 is a good IDE for hitech compilers. (Pic16 & Pic18)
(these are, currently, the only third party compilers known by
.....Interresting if you use ICD1 or ICD2.

hi-tech picc picc18

i want to try hi-tech.

i have found a serial gen. but it produce serials for only picc v8.00 pl3 and picc18 v8.12 pl1. i can not find these old version install sets. is anyone knows that where can i find these install sets?


I am also searching for a working keygen or serial for hitech PICC18
If anybody has it please send it to me!


Yes you are right mplab 6.1 is good ide to work with pic hitech-c
third party compliers built in




hi-tach has a new ide. it works with only picc18. but hi-tech says that it will suport his all compilers. the new ide has virtual simulation devices lik lcd, switch etc.

the ide is free of charge. and you can download picc18 demo. it will compile 21 days.

( than techsupport than compiler demos)


After deep involving with Hi-Tech you can rely on its results.
From a general point of view IAR seems to be better
(-you know big trade-). My personal beleive is that usaly smaller
companies took source from bigger ones like Tasking did with Keil.
My regards

The Hi-Tech IDE (HITIDE) is slow and full of bugs.
I am more happy with MPLAB 6.x and HiTech PICC.

with MPLAB 6.1 the problems of HI-tech are finished

This is not entirely correct.
For example, MPLAB 6.1 is not able to display float or double variables in the Watch window.
At least not when the code is generated with PICC-18.



ofcourse it is early to speak for hi-tide. it is like a beta. but also mplab6.1 has many bugs. i wanted to try it but i can not. when i wanted to debug a code which was complied by hi-tech picc, i couln't run it in mplab6.1.
sometimes i lost the menu "run to cursor". when i moved the cursor on a integer variable it crashed . i thing mplab6.1 is premature too. (to use with hi-tech.)

may be if it is runing keep it runing and use mplab5.

if you have better experiance than mine, please write.

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