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Which is best program for schematics and PCB

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The Puma

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Apr 4, 2002
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Please advice


It all depends

It all depends upon how complex your circuit is, how much time you want to spend learning the program, and the cost you are willing to have.

Orcad products are generally easy to learn and use but they will not handle very complex boards which is why the higher price programs sell.

Pads is slightly lower performance, but many people find that it meets their needs for the cost.

Protel is very much like orcad, but they are behind in the simulation area.

I'm satisfied with OrCAD Family release 9.2

I will use it for only single or double sided boards

all will work

In your simple case cost is probably the most important feature.

For me, the best program and easy to use, for schematic, pcb and simulation is Protel99se (but nothing about the price!)

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If you want a program for free you can use EAGLE Light Edition from CadSoft. I works great for small projects.

The following limitations apply to the EAGLE Light Edition in general:
*The useable board area is limited to 100 x 80 mm (4 x 3.2 inches).
*Only two signal layers can be used (Top and Bottom).
*The schematic editor can only create one sheet.

A pretty nice program for schematics & pcb is ExpressPCB and it's free completely free!!! You can download a fully functional version from this site

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I found CircutMaker one of the easest softwares with many new features on it .

PCB wizard from new wave concepts is the new kid on the block. Available from maplin at £25 very simple to use.


Eagle has a good ratio features and simplicity.

what about Multisim 2001 any one have any idea ....?

I am happy with the OrCAD release 9.2
It does the job

AccelEDA did an excellent job for me. It's a very professional and stable tool.

Orcad is very good, but somehow not intuitive, so I never really learned getting around in it.

Older Protel is junk, use it only if you have to. I've seen many projects fucked up by this wanna-be software. I've heard that newer versions are better (2000 and newer), but have no experience with em'

When Protel bought Accel (terrible things do happen), they offered an upgrade to AccelEDA users to their junk product (Protel) for a small price! :)

Of course, needless to say, users were furious. Would you like an upgrade from Mercedes to Fiat for small money ?

After that they decided to market products separatelly. I don't know what's the status of AccelEDA now. Anobody has the end of story ?


about multisim

for me, multisim is the best PCB tool to use, it is easy to use and simulate all the lab stuff.. i found it to be very very useful

about pspice

pspice is also a very good PSB tool to draw the schematic, it is even better than multisim.

Until now i have used ORCAD & AccelEDA !

It was a verery good combination but there was a small problem with

autometed ECO { You have to do it by hand }

I think AccelEDA was both by PCAD - not shoure

I know ORCAD sch verey well it's a verey good tool { capture only }

I have done some complicated design on VIEWLOGIC tool it is a good tool

for big company's but a crapy tool for the meduim or small designer

since it need a lot of support

I now learning to use POWERPCB i think AccelEDA is better but have no support since ver 15 so i quit using it

I have also use POWERLOGIC it's a sch design tool for POWERPCB it's

carp in comper to orcad but very good when using it with POWERPCB



I know PROTEL is populer.

If you intrest in the simulation go to =>OrCAD release 9.2

Other wise, PowerPCB

Don't go multisim for other than simulation

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