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What's the material of small headset and how to create that?

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Jan 22, 2015
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Hi Guys,
I want to create own headset but i want a lot of hints about that :)D) in general i have 2 questions:
What's the material of small headset and how to create that?
Thanks in Advance


I hope i do understand right.
A headset consists of many different materials. Some elastic plastics, some hard plastics, metal wires with plastics isolation, magnets, membrane, ....

A bit more specific question gives more specific answeres....


my question about how to play sound?
i know a speaker has a big magnet but how headset work?

I have headphones which contain tiny speakers, or transducers. They have a magnet inside. The diaphragm is often made of a clear plastic film, which looks easy to break if you're not careful.

Two wires come from the central voice coil. They are extremely thin. Also easy to break. Difficult to solder.

To make your own headphones, you'll need to create a framework that will hold the transducers a short distance from each ear. It should have a screen or cage, to protect the transducers.

Add a foam pad in the shape of a donut, to seal in the sound (especially the low frequencies).
can you hint me more exactly that and what should i buy for it?

People's discarded headphones can be a source of your transducers.

It is possible to make headphones from small speakers such as found in transistor radios. Quality will not be as good, naturally.

To make the headphones grip your head, it's a good idea to build it around a springy band. (Earmuffs might contain a suitable steel band.)

As for the wiring, it can be telephone cord. 4 conductor. Easy to work with.

Split the cord below your chin. Two wires go to each earcup.

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If you're looking for inexpensive headphones...

Most people are unable to repair headphones, yet they are so easy to break, at several points. With care they normally operate for years, but a moment's carelessness can rip away a wire. Often only one side works after that.

So, if you were to ask the proper way, people might give you half-broken headphones. Perhaps you should be polite and offer money first, on the chance they will answer, 'No, take them, free.'

Find the break in the wire... fix it... and you've got working headphones.

You might become good enough that you can offer to fix people's headphones, for a small price.
my goal is build a headphone company not repair and reuse headphone of another people.

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so i want a step by step learning.

Headphones are basically small dynamic loudspeakers. I suppose you could make electrostatic ones but safety would be a serious issue.

If you are planning to make the transducers yourself, start by finding a source of neodymium magnets, a good plastics molding company and a coil winding machine.

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