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What things to consider in SRAM Designing?

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Jul 4, 2011
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I am designing an SRAM for my special project. I want to make a breakthrough (like Ultra Low-voltage, High stability, Low Power, etc), but what should I consider in order to get these breakthroughs? What would be a great design? What breakthrough should I design?


U-DVS is a great topic using 65nm and below technologies. Another thing to consider in my designing process is the technology that I will be using. In my project, I will use the 90nm technology which I think is not very energy-efficient due to the size and voltage levels of the technology. Will this technology (90nm) still be efficient in lowering the power consumption?

Thank You for your response.

Operating voltage for 90nm technology is higher than 65nm. So it will have higher power consumption. You can optimize power for 90nm also. But it has its own limitation. Leakage power is important factor at lower technology nodes.
So does this means that 65nm technology has greater possibility of leakage power than that of 90nm tech? Anyway, since the available technology here is 90nm, I'll just settle with this and I'm searching for some advice what's best to do with 90nm tech.

By the way, I will be implementing this in Digital approach using Verilog.

Thank You!

Yes, Leakage will increase as you down in technology nodes. But this not means you can't do optimization in 90nm. What are the optimization techniques you can see some of recent research papers.
Ah okay. I think my design will be all about low power SRAM.

I may have some more questions by the time I'm simulating my design.

Thank You!

I have a problem searching for a full schematic of SRAM (with the precharge, sense amplifier, decoders, etc). Can you help me find one? I have found one on the internet but it's confusing.

here's the link I've found: ASIC-SoC-VLSI Design: SRAM Chip Supporting Circuit Design
At the last part, the "7 Complete SRAM chip schematic", before the conclusion. The full schematic is confusing.


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