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MemoryCompiler‘s SRAM LVS mismatch?


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Dec 25, 2022
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Shanghai, China
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Hi, I try to check the sram from tsmc's memory compiler mc2, by .gds and .spi, but the LVS reports give a mismatch error.
The SRAM is tsdn28hpcpa256x32m4mwa, and I disable some options when generting it, like BIST function..., the LVS report is :

Some warnings presented when running LVS:

I can not find any information about SDWA100W20_CNTDP_SVT on the internet. Although I believe the sram files from mc2 should be correct, but this mismatch, I dont konw how to fix it.
I have some guesses:
1. Is there some specific instructions, options in LVS for the SRAM? although I have not found the related notion in the datasheet
2. I have seen some posts for openRAM, they said LVS is not for layout without welltap or something like that, may I add some?
3. I have seen some posts about SRAM's LVS from VDD/VSS, although my report is not caused by VDD apparently, could this error be caused by the power connection?

Of course, there may be other reasons, but I don't know how to solve it. Can you give me some suggestions? Thanks a lot!
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Most likely you are missing some LVS configuration. Try to make a design that contains only a single instance of the SRAM and make that one pass LVS. Then move to a larger design. SRAM's can be tricky for LVS because it struggles with bit arrays and their relative order. Say, it tries to match bit [10][12] of the layout with bit [10][33] of the schematic. This can be solved if you are using the v2lvs utility.

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