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what is the difference between Vertex and spartan from xlinx

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Aug 29, 2005
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difference between vertex and spartan

Hi ,

can any discussed what exactly is the difference between Xlinx and Spartan FPGAs

mainly on what based it is getting proposed in the market...

please help me on this issues.

With Regards,

difference between spartan and virtex devices

Maybe my previous answer will help you:

vertex vs spartan

better to visit Xilinx website. and go through the datasheet.
The differance is always in
Speed,Gate count,

Now new vertex architecture have ARM processor in them called Power PC.

sparten & vertex

i think..
start up sequence is different

spartan vs virtex

Spartan and Virtex both FPGA families belonging to XILINX.
Spartan is a family of xilinx FPGA in which there is no built in power PC's although u can program a 32 bit RISC softcore processor called micro blaze which is present in both spartan-3 and spartan3E families.
Virtex has families like virtex 2 pro and Virtex4-FX families which have builtin powerPC's which is hard-core also microblaze can be programed in virtex FPGA's.

Apart from this the process technologies varies from spartan to virtex fpga's and also among the devices of the same family.

Xilinx offers device families for low-cost (Spartan), and high-end (Virtex) applications in addition to supporting devices such as PROMs.

The cases of interest are:

Powering up
Before and during configuration
Normal operation after configuration has been completed.
Losing Vcco

vertex fpga family difference

the difference is
the virtex can do waht spartan cant do...
some of the things can only be done on virtex.. not on the spartan

is vertex 2 same as sparten

that is difference b/w mil grade and commercial grade

difference between spartan fpga and virtex

grittinjames said:
that is difference b/w mil grade and commercial grade

no spartan cannot do everything what virtex can do... , forget about mil, or commerical..

Re: what is the difference between Vertex and spartan from x


better to go through


here what do u mean by mil grade and commercial grade....
which of the one support mil grade and commercial grade....

with regards,

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