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what is physical meant?? clearance

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Apr 26, 2007
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Dear dudes,

As a physical design or Back end design what is the actual work.

As far i know one team will do synthesis and STA

Another will do Floorplan and PNR

Another will do extraction RC

Layout team for layout

Also team for DFT, Verification, LVS, DRC

Hope i am right

Do it is necessary that to work on backend knowing all this deep are necessary

y becos some ppl are expertise in some domain as said. Interviewer keep onswitching from synthesis to floorplan to extraction etc .

Pls help me what is actually needed by physical design team.


Being a physical design team member means one should know all these. :D

Actually ,when you are a backend designer you must know all this field.But in my company,we divide to many groups,one for PnR,one for STA,DFT.....It means that you have strong knowledge for group which you are belong to.But your work will relate to all others group so you must know everything.To be sure that we can support each others to finish project.

Good luck

u will need all the concepts since all are interlinked

You cannot focus on one of the above and ignore all the rest...

Usually the backend will not do the synthesis... but you should be able to understand it and fix errors if needed.

Usually the back end engineers work begins with a netlist and an SDC file ... which usually has errors... so you should be able to tell them what is wrong

Actually all these processes are interlinked and the final delivery happens after many iterations back and forth, so you need to understand the basics of all these things, so that you would feel comfortable when you actually execute.

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