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What are the major differences in PIC16F877 vs PIC16F877A?

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May 6, 2006
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pic 16f877a

Please tell me about
What are the major differences in PIC16F877 vs PIC16F877A Microcontrollers.
And which is the best for in-circuit debugging?

pic16f877 pic16f877a

There is very little difference. Check the Microchip site. Though the 877 is still produced the price keeps going up since it is a legacy part. Even the 877A has now been superceded by the 16F887 part. MPLAB and several compilers support the 887 part, so you should look at that part.

Unless you are doing a complex design, consider using a bootloader rather than ICD. Check out, and The Oshonsoft includes a Simulator as well as a Basic compiler and a bootloader.

pic16f877 vs pic16f877a

The 16F877A is a newer part. It's FLASH programming is faster (and different) than the 16F877.
The 16F877A also has a pair of comparators which must be disabled (on by default) if you want it to preform like a 16F877

As for ICD they are both the same, the A will program slightly faster and there is no need to use the non A version.

Both have been superseded by the new 16F887
Can I use a same programming device for both PIC16f877 and PIC16f877A

I m having Superpro L+ programmer it has the option of PIC16f877 but not the 'A' version

Yes it should program the 877 and 877A with no problem, have done it with my old programmers in the past.

Always better to start a new thread rather than dig up a 5 year old post

is there difference between the memory locations in both chips

the programmer on programming gives error only while
i Think it wants the buffer to b edited

what should b the problem most probably??


If you see this migration document it does state there are some programming differences, though it never presented any problem when I used the old parallel port programmers.

However looking at the one you are using, the main pages do refer to the 16C chips which are different from the 16Fs.
Is there a bigger device list actually showing the 16F877.
it is a parallel port interfacing device
N Yes the device list is big it has PIC 16CXX and PIC17CXXX series
it has PIC16F877 controller


Thing to do is just try and program your 877A chip, it is unlikely to cause any damage to the chip or programmer.

More likely your programmer software may simply stop you trying to program it as a 877.

If not, see if you can find some other chip to use that is on the programmers device list.

The 877 is still around but may be hard to find as the 877A superceeded it.

Does every 877a operates on 20Mhz crystal ?

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