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What are Microwave Antennas?

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Jan 19, 2006
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What are microwave antennas, how do they work, what are they used for, etc. All information on this. I have no idea about this and have to write 3 or 4 pages on it!

Interested in it anyway, are they uesd for wireless laptops, cell phones etc.?

All information is helpful.


Hi, Microwave antennas come in all shape and sizes. From parabolic dishes several meters across to small chip antennas less then a centimeter squared. There is a good online introduction to this subject at
Also take a look at some antenna manufacturers websites to see the variety of antennas available. A quick google search should get you there.

As for their use in cell phones and laptop computers, well we have to look at what is the definition of a microwave. Some would argue that it covers RF above 1 GHz, others would say above 3 GHz. and still others would argue that neither frequency is correct, but hey, everyone is entitles to their opinion. What is true is that cell phones operate either around 0.8 GHz or around 2 GHz. Laptop computers use either 2.4 GHz or 5-6 GHz. As far as antennas use go, chip antennas are most commonly used in cell phone handsets and in computer radio cards. Although other types may be used such as printed antennas or dipoles.

Of course this is potentially a huge subject and a few paragraphs hardly does justice to it. So check out the website and the lnks from there for much more detail. Have fun...

in brief terms a microwave antenna is that which can be able to transmit and receive signals in wavelength range of 1mm to 1M.

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