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Wanted to review my tps63030 schematic and board

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Aug 28, 2011
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I have designed my TPS63030 schematic and board for 3.3v and 5v supply. I'm using lipo battery rated 3.7v/650mah. My device current consumption is 320 ma for 1 minute and 100 uA for the rest of the time since my system rest in sleep mode. Can you guys review my board and schematic and correct me out if i'm doing something wrong.

I already posted similar thread on ti forum. here is the link

from a cursory high level viewing I cannot see anything bad. However, just being honest, the best way to evaluate such a circuit is to do it in LTspice, and just hit the run button , and you can see what mistakes might be lurking. There are chips in ltspice that can do what you are doing.
treez thanks for your review. I will definitely give try with LT spice

I'm having query regarding en pin of tps63030. In data sheet it is mentioned that to shutdown the ic en pin should be connected to GND pin of ic which is nothing but the logical GND. I wanted to know is it fine to to pull this pin low by using 10k resistor and connecting other terminal to common GND of the PCB rather than logical GND. Also I'm connecting both gnds close to GND pin of IC so I think it will not create any problem but still I'm confused.

REGARDING GNDS, JUST TRY AND MAKE SURE THAT HIGH DI/DT PULSE CURRENTS OF (sorry about caps) the SMPS do not flow along lengths of the control ground.

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